Balancing My Life—Finances and Fitness (Part 2 of 3)

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“Extremes are easy. Strive for balance.” Colin Wright

Balancing finances and fitness

(Part 2 of a 3 part series)

3.  Finances

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it said that finances are the #1 thing most couples argue about.  I’ve also heard it said that as women we typically like and crave security—including financial security.

So money and how to manage it is a big deal.

And most of us don’t really have a good idea or structure for how to do that.  Money management isn’t usually taught in school (I hear they’re starting to incorporate it in some schools now, but it wasn’t when most of us were kids.)  Most of us have little to no training in how to manage money, and we hear much more focus on how to make money than on how to spend it.

So it’s time to get smart about money, ‘cause it’s a powerful area that can rob our lives of peace and joy and throw our balance way off kilter.

The majority of my career (20+ years) was in the financial industry, and I recently worked for a technology company in an area still closely tied to finance.  So I’ve seen and heard it all.  I’ve worked with and seen what’s worked—and what hasn’t—with people of all walks of life.  The uber-rich and the uber-nots and everyone in-between.

More to follow, I promise.  This is an area of strength for me in one way, because I know quite a bit, but I also learned a lot of the “wrong stuff” the hard way, so I’ll be sharing traps to avoid—like debt—and how to get out of them once you’re in too deep.

Money–what not to do

Quick story…my husband and I thought we were doing “everything right,” for the most part, with our finances.  But we weren’t.  We had lots of stress about money and how to spend it, and worse of all we thought that we were “supposed” to go to college and get great degrees, no matter how many student loans it took.  So we did…

We ended up in more student loan debt that we owed on our house (well over $300,000).  And no increase in our actual income to show for all that debt.  Scary!

We felt hopeless and defeated, but we ARE turning it around and digging out of that hole, thanks to God’s wisdom and the help of an incredible financial coach.  It will be a long road to being debt-free but we are committed to getting there and have made huge strides.  We still owe a lot, but now we owe less than we owe on our house—and our mortgage balance is going down too.

I know what it’s like to struggle on a very small income with barely enough to even buy groceries and make ends meet.  And I know what it’s like to make a good income but be so buried in debt that it feels like it goes in then right back out with little to show for our efforts.  Most of us struggle with money but there IS a solid plan to do things right that my family is now following and I’ll be sharing with you, so we can all live in financial balance and freedom.

4.  Fitness

I sometimes dream of what it would be like to be totally fit—high energy, an amazing bikini body, eating all the “right stuff” and loving it.  And the same for my family.

Then reality hits and I’m rushing through the day trying to remember if I committed to a workout and if so which one and when can I squeeze that in?  Or I’m too tired or too rushed so I’m just gonna have to skip it.  And I’m tired from work so it’s really just easier to grab fast food or a pizza for dinner, and it all starts to unravel.

But it can be more balanced than that.  Some simple structure and prepping ahead on the weekend to keep fitness a priority focus really helps.  More to follow.



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