Need More Energy? Read Your Bible for Just 10 Minutes

(Part 1 of 2)

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“A bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”  Charles Spurgeon


10 second summary:
  Find a daily bible reading plan and stick with it.  Start today –choose one below if you don’t already have one you like.  Don’t worry how much or how little you read each day—focus on quality time, not quantity.  Write down at least one verse or thing that stands out as you read.  Re-read what you wrote to yourself out loud, and pray for God’s wisdom and strength to incorporate what you learned into your daily life.


If you need more energy read your Bible

Does reading your bible daily scare you?  Intimidate you?  Make you feel less-than-worthy, an imperfect Christian, make you stress about “just one more thing” you’re not checking off on your “I really should do this” daily to-do lists?

If so, I can relate.

I admit, for years reading my bible felt more like a chore, something I “had” to do than something I really enjoyed.  I worried about doing it right, figuring out what to read, felt guilty if I missed a day, and wasn’t sure it was really making that much of a difference in my life.

But as I’ve grown more in Christ and learned tips from others to help me grow and mature in my relationship with Him, I can honestly say I truly enjoy and look forward to reading my bible daily and spending time with Him.

So here are the simple tips I’ve learned that I hope will help you as well.  Plus some more “advanced” bible-reading tips I’ve learned more recently.

But first, a few reminders of WHY we should enjoy the privilege of reading God’s word daily:

1.  God speaks to us through His word

The bible is the word of God, right?  Sometimes we forget that when we read it we are literally hearing God’s thoughts and what he has to say!  You’ve probably heard John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son…” etc.  But do you know and/or have you memorized 2 Timothy 3:16 yet?  It’s another great one and says ”All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man [or woman] of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”  (ESV)  I love this verse because it reminds us that the bible is God’s word, and that His words helps us with every area of our life—to be completely ready for everything that comes our way.  Wow, loving it, and I know I need that in my life!

2. Reading God’s Word is a privilege

We know God sent His only son to earth to die for us, so that we can live forever with Him.  And not just so we can go to heaven when we die, but so we can live an amazing, blessed life here on earth.  In John 10:10b Jesus says, I came so that they could have life—indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest.”  (CEB)  Jesus was speaking about us in that verse, those who love and follow Him.  Spending time with God and reading His word is one of our privileges as His children.  Because God loves us, He wants to talk with us, and He created us to live life to the fullest through Him.

3.  Reading God’s word helps us grow and mature in Christ

“If you continue in my Word, then you are my disciples indeed.  And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  (John 8:31-32)  Christian maturity is not automatic, unfortunately.  If we want to grow up and be stronger and more mature disciples of Christ, we need to spend time with Him, including reading what He has to say to us in the bible.

4.  Reading God’s word gives us wisdom, strength, and energy

Reading our bible daily is like caffeine, vitamins, and delicious food for our souls, all wrapped up into one.  Delish!  The busier our day is, the more we need God’s word to fuel us through all we need to do.  If we stop eating, we lose energy and fade away.  If we stop exercising, we grow weak and lethargic.  If we stop reading God’s word, we lose out on the ENERGY and wisdom it provides to help us live our best life.  Tired and stressed out?  Read God’s word and let His energy and healing fill your spirit.

I’d sum all that up by saying God loves us so much that not only did He send His son as the ultimate sacrifice for us, but He gave us an amazing book called the bible.  As some say, the bible is a Christian’s “instruction manual” to live our best possible life.  It’s our privilege to read and understand it, so that He can instruct, guide, comfort, and help us in every single area of our lives.  Let’s not take it for granted but put it to work by reading it every day!

Start with 10 minutes

Let’s stop here for today, and talk about tips for reading God’s word daily tomorrow.  For today, follow your current bible reading plan (if you have one), or start reading the New Testament if you’ve never done that before (start at the beginning at Matthew 1).  If you want to add a bonus, read the “proverb of the day,” or the proverb that corresponds with today’s day of the week.  (Disclaimer:  the bible doesn’t say there’s a “proverb of the day” reading plan so I’m not claiming crazy insight here, just noting that there are 31 proverbs so reading one per day works out really well!)

As you read, write down at least one verse or thing that stands out to you.  Use an actual pen/pencil and paper, don’t type or dictate.  There’s something about writing things down the “old fashioned way” that causes a different part of our brain to remember and absorb them.  Re-read what you wrote to yourself out loud, and pray for God’s wisdom and strength to incorporate what you learned into your daily life.

Excited to chat about real-world tips to get God’s word into us each day.  It’s a privilege, it’s fun, and it’s addictive in the best possible way!


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