Simple Ways to Pray with your Family

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“Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.”  George Herbert

10 second summary:  Say a prayer with other members of your family today.  Pray before you go your separate ways for the day, then pray again at night before bed.  Ask God to bless each other, others, and thank Him for specific blessings.


Simple ways to pray with your family

Families who pray together stay together, right?  And are happier, with lower divorce rates, happier parent-child relationships, and more.  The Institute for Family Studies article here shares details.

Wait a minute…didn’t we cover prayer yesterday?


So why again today?

This is a “work smarter not harder” plan!  It’s totally OK, and really, preferable, to have your “daily tens” build on each other.  Also, there’s value to praying alone for yourself and others, and also value to praying WITH others.  Especially with your family.

My husband and daughter and I pray together each morning before we go our separate ways or run errands together.  Then we pray again as a family before bed.  These are usually short prayers revolving around being thankful, having a good day, asking for strength and wisdom, and reminding ourselves to watch for opportunities to bless others.  Most of these daily prayers take less than 2 minutes each—but they create a solid fabric and framework around us as a family and help us to put God first.  They help us kick-start and end each day by refocusing our faith and our attitudes and squeeze in some fast-yet-effective quality time.  Good stuff!


5 tips for praying with your kids

Here are some additional great tips for praying with your family from Crystal Hurst— fun professional writer and mom, and contributor to The Better Mom website in her article 5 Tips for Praying With Your Kids:

  1. Pray at meals—Crystal suggests having each of your kids “own” a mealtime prayer for 30 days, (same meal per kiddo each day) and empowering them to build a healthy habit and lead that special duty.  Love it!!
  2. Pray for your spiritual community—Great tips to help you figure out who to pray for besides the important but same-ol’ relatives and friends. Find out who’s on the prayer list at your church, pray for missionaries your church supports, and more.
  3. Pray for your physical community—Another great one, Crystal recommends figuring out who your local government leaders are, then showing your kids what God’s word says about praying for leaders in verses such as 1 Timothy 2:1-3. Wow, I could even get to learn who to vote for next election for those “unknown” local candidates I never really study…this is a great one!
  4. Pray the scriptures—The book of Psalms is full of prayers, and gives you a chance to read scripture with your family too. Maybe just pick a quick one (or one Psalm to get started), and post it somewhere you can refer to when it’s time to pray.  Crystal recommends Psalm 16, 23, 51, 121, or 139.
  5. Build a family heritage of prayer—“One of the best ways for kids to see God work is to pray for the people that they are close enough to see answers when God works. This happens best when we pray for our own family!”  I couldn’ta said it better Crystal, you are a super-genius mom, thank you!  (Check out more great stuff from Crystal at her website here.  I just signed up and became her newest fan!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired by Crystal’s simple-yet-effective 5 tips.  Hope you are too.  And don’t forget, yesterday’s MDT topic was also prayer—think of it as your double-shot espresso drink for the week, spiritually speaking.

See yesterday’s tips…and repeat.  With your family.


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